Call of duty 6 (More Rumours)..

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Again before call of duty world at war is released, there are more talks / rumor’s floating around that call of duty 6 has been pushed back to 2010 now, while previously the rumored dates (ball park figures) were aiming for the end of 2009. Read more

Call of duty world at war demo

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Just as i was about to crawl into bed i got a phone call from my old partner in crime (for future reference i will refer to him as “Russian Spy”) i should hope he is not the only Russian working for them lol. Read more

Call of Duty world at war leaked info

Call of Duty world at war more leaked info:
It is believed to be a complete weapons and perks list, The leaked documents are apparently from an ex employee has was seeking some revenge. As we were writing this article news came to hand that a red faced “Activision rep” was left to try and cover up the leak by stating “Activision does not comment on rumor and speculation” as in stands we are looking at this as a 50/50 chance that the information is correct, I know most of us would like to believe that it is true, but you wouldn’t put it past activision to have pulled this stunt themselves for a little more publicity.

Anyhow lets dig into the juice “Leaked” details shall we. Read more